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I was very skeptical trying this place out but I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so gave it a try!  I have had back issues pretty much all my adult life and I can say for the first time I know I am finally on the road to recovery using Ceragem.  The staff is very through, friendly and knowledgeable and the machine has done wonders for me after only 5 sessions. I am not a 100% yet but I know I will be. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Aria E. 1/31/2017 (Irvine)

Ceragem Healing Center was a great experience. I went in for a 54 minute massage and I felt so amazing afterwards. The atmosphere was so relaxing and peaceful! I do plan on going back and definitely recommend others to try this amazing place!

- Juan R. 1/29/2017 (Irvine)

Wow!! What an experience. The deep warmth and different massage movements based on setting really stretched and massaged in a very consistent manner that left me feeling refreshed and relaxed.... without all the oils..:)

- Deon M. 1/26/2017 (Irvine)

I have had several sessions of ceragem massage at the Irvine location and I am very satisfied  with the results. After each session I feel increasingly stronger, more flexible and relaxed.

Christine is very knowledgeable, informative and generous. She even offers extra time to be added to the session. I will continue to take advantage of this wonderful system and the benefits it offers.

- Rosa F. 1/24/2017 (Irvine)

Very glad I tried this new experience in relaxation/chiro. The massage/heat/chiro table did a great job relaxing spine, also neck and hip areas. My daughter and I enjoyed our treatment there and will definitely go back. Staff very informative on how machine works and it's different benefits. Atmosphere was nice as well as relaxing.

- Pamela H. 1/21/2017 (Irvine)

Amazing chiropractic massage!! I felt so relaxed after the 54-minute treatment, I could have fallen asleep right in the table. Will definitely be coming back here!

- Maddie W. 1/20/2017 (Irvine)

I came in the other week because I saw this deal on groupon and my back and shoulders were very sore. After an hour in the beds here all my pain was gone! I will be back! Nice staff too!!

- Sydney O. 1/19/2017 (Irvine)

This place deserves 10 stars! This chiropractic massage bed worked wonders on my back. The pressure was spot on and heated jade were amazing! Christine is very nice, informative, and professional. I highly recommend this center for anyone looking to relieve pain and walk out feeling refreshed.

- Ebenezer T. 1/11/2017 (Irvine)

Awesome experience at Ceragem.  Took a few minutes to relax let the rollers do their job...  Christine is very friendly and knowledge about the massage.    Highly recommend.  Just took my daughter, sore back from lifting toddlers.   She was very impressed and felt relief.   She is now taking her husband on Saturday.    Thanks Christine

- Norm O. 1/11/2017 (Irvine)

My Ceragem experience was epic.  The therapist was thorough and informative.  I came in with upper back tension and I left feeling refreshed and over all better.  I am completely sold on this technology and will be a regular visitor.

- Colette D. 1/6/2017 (Irvine)

First time at this facility! It was an amazing experience. Very friendly atmosphere and the environment plays soothing music to create the relaxing ambience needed for an awesome chiropractic massage. I definitely would recommend anybody who have back or neck problems to check this place out! I stopped by the Irvine location and the young lady was very informative about the machine as well as very friendly!

- Jackson H. 12/29/2016 (Irvine)

This was the most incredible experience ever. My fiance and I did not know what to expect, we have several health conditions that keep our bodies limited to touch. Because we do not know how much our pain receptors will be affected. We only wish we knew about this medical machine many years ago. From the moment we walked in the door it was a calm relaxing feeling. And once we were put on the machine it was awesome to have all of our pressure points & trigger points read by the machine. Then for me personally my neck & shoulders massaged the way the machine does it where my sensitivity is the worst was wonderful. Thank you June, for taking extra time with me for detoxification to help relieve my migraine today.  We will definitely refer family & friends to you & we will definitely be back for more treatment very soon. 

- Richard & Shelley, Yelp Review

Wow! This was a great experience! I walked out feeling great!! June Lee was very nice and explained in detail what was going to happen and why. I will definitely be back, thank you!

- Patricia Fulps, Facebook Review

What I Love about The CERAGEM Massage is the acupressure massage which increases blood circulation, purifies blood, increases immunity, relieves stress and aligns your spinal cord. You even get a better posture. Lots a amazing benefits! June, the owner, is very dedicated to her job and eager to make you feel comfortable and to rest to the fullest. Try it, it's worth it. ;-)

- Isabelle R., Groupon Review

This technology is the best thing I've ever seen. Its' benefits are healthy and safe. l think it would be a great investment for myself and my family. I recommend it to anyone who has back pain.

- Isabe P. , Facebook Review

I had the worst back pain that was made worse by a masseuse I paid 40 dollars to. I paid 10 dollars to Ceragem and got a two hour massage that fixed my pain! You cannot go wrong with Ceragem! June is so helpful and sweet heart emoticon <3 who wants to buy me a bed?!

- Jessica S., Facebook Review

Not an ordinary massage chair!! The machine adjusts to your spine and focuses on your acupressure points. It also gently stretches the spine to lift pressure off the compressed disks. It feels great during and afterwards. June is very knowledgable and thoroughly explains the process. She is attentive to your needs and makes you comfortable.

- Hanna J., Yelp Review

Awesome technology to benefit from, My girlfriend and I have been making a drive here every other week, because it is worth it. I suffer from back pain and neck tension, coming here helps, staff is friendly and eager to help with a sense of urgency. :) 

- Daniel I, Facebook Review

The Ceragem beds are great for everyone. I have chronic neck and lower back pain. This treatment has really helped loosen my spine. June and Jason are very nice and helpful in explaining how the beds work. The facility is new and kept very clean. I just wish it were closer to my home!

- Pam K., Groupon Review

Better than the massage chairs in the mall. So relaxing that I fell asleep snoring. Had my back soreness from lactic acid buildup from back day but felt better after a session. 

- Peter S., Yelp Review

It was well worth the money spent. I have a lot of back pain and it really helped. I plan on going here more.

- Emily Ray, Facebook Review

Enjoyed it thoroughly very nice therapeutic table. June was very helpful and knowledgeable. I had a wonderful experience and I will go back and do it again!

- Sharon L, Groupon Review

I love going here. They are wonderful and attentive. I can relax and get a great experience and a great value. I feel awesome afterwards. I will continue going back again.

- George D., Yelp Review

Worth it!!! If not a lot of people, they'll also let you try other massage toys. Good stuff!! Would be an awesome, cheap gift to someone.

- Paolo V., Yelp Review