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Ceragem Massage Bed blog site

Ceragem Massage Bed blog site

  • How to use the 9 ball and 3 ball

    The Ceragem Master V3 comes with two external projectors: one with 3 sphere and the other with 9 spheres. The sphere of projectors is made of Jade. When heated up, the Jade will produce far infrared rays which will improve circulation and reduce your pain levels.

    You can use only one of them at a time. When you attach spheres to the machine, please make sure that the black flat tip of the cable goes where the crevice of the spheres tip is.

    They can be put anywhere you have a pain or discomfort. 9 spheres ball can cover big areas such as tummy or chest, and 3 spheres can cover small area such as nose or eyes. If you have a stomachache, you may put the 9 spheres on your tummy: congested chest on your chest, knee for your knee pain, etc. You may put the 3 sphere on your cheek for gum discomfort; on your nose for nasal congestion, on your eyes for tired eyes. Please use lower heat when you put it on your delicate areas such as eyes. You may also sit on top of the 3 spheres as well, so that the infrared ray can penetrate your inside fast through your bottom and provide you with comfort on the hemorrhoids, prostate problems or womb problems. You may put a neck pillow around the 3 spheres to sit more comfortably.

  • Ceragem General Features

    Ceragem is a forerunner in thermal massage device by far-infra red ray(FIR). In last fifteen years, three different models have been produced and sold more than 200,000 units in USA, and more than 2,000,000 units all over the world. The company's branches spread over 74 countries.
    The latest model is Ceragem V3.  It scans one's spine and checks weight distribution so everyone gets a customized treatment. There are six different intensity levels and 12 programs for full spine modes, semi-automatic mode and  manual mode for specific areas.  The meditation music helps to enhance the relaxation.

    Ceragem V3 is a medical device Class II 510K approved by FDA.  I have found people with neck pain, back pain or sciatica get almost immediate relief by using this machine. It's because it uses all the treatments  simultaneously: chiropractic spinal stretching, acupuncture and thermal massage with far infrared ray.

    When you lie on the bed, you will feel a roller under you. The roller is made of stone, jade, and it does all the stretching and massage. Before it starts the treatment, the machine will scan your spine since everyone’s spine is different and you will get a customized treatment. Once it knows the shape of your spine, it will analyze your spine shape to find acupressure points.  The roller will move right next to the curve of your spine and it will push up your spine in six different levels and support up to 299 pounds. Your disk space will be expanded like a chiropractor stretches it . You may feel the bones popping up or crack.  When your back hurts, you will go to an acupunturist,  get a massage to loosen up the muscle to improve the circulation, or see the chiropractor to stretch your back to free the pinched nerve. All of them work, and you may think you are getting all those treatments at the same time when you are on a Ceragem Master V3.

    Ceragem V3 is more than fixing your back, however. It is a medical device approved by FDA and it is based on the eastern medicine of acupressure.  When you think of acupuncture, you think of needles poking here and there, right? Ceragem V3 uses the same acupuncture systems, but it is not using needles. It uses far infrared rays coming from heated jade stones. Far infrared rays has healing power and is 100% safe. Actually the more you are exposed to it, the healthier you will be. It can penetrate up to five inches, so it will work in your blood and cell. It vibrates, turns on your mitochondria and helps your body generate heat so you will feel warmer and warmer. It expands your blood vessels, improves your circulation, detoxifies your body and eventually improves your immune system. Just like you are exercising.

    The machine offers ten different acupuncture modes. (Show mode pictures in the manual). The red dot  on the chart is the acupuncture point and it’s the same point acupuncturist put the needles. Please go through the mode chart to find the right mode for you. Each mode runs 36 minutes except mode 2. This Ceragem V3 does massage and chiropractic massage simultaneously. That’s why it is so good at relieving the back pain. After the session, you probably feel taller since the posture has been corrected and the spine is all stretched.

    Long term use of Ceragem V3 will improve your general overall health.  People who have neck pain, lower back pain or sciatica report have reported that they notice the difference  after the treatment. It is as if a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a massager treat you simultaneously.

  • 세라젬 사용법 (How to use Ceragem)

    세라젬 사용법 (How to use Ceragem)

    A. 처음 세라젬 자동 모드를 사용하는 방법 (36 분 지속. 단 2번 모드는 18분임)

    1. 몸의 위치를 정한다
    머리끝과 베드의 끝이 일치하게 한다.
    2. 강도레벨을 선택한다. (처음하시거나 아프신 분은 1)
    3.모드를 선택한다. (권장되는 모드는 4, 앞면 참조하시기 바람)
    - 3번 모드 이상은 3번째 모드사용키를 계속 누른다.
    - 모드 변경은 2번 누르면 바뀐다
    - 모드 변경은 조절판의 제일 위의 숫자 변경으로 확인할 수 있다.
    - 모드 선택과 동시에 몸을 스캔하기 시작함

    4.온도를 점검한다. (위와 아래 온열기의 권장 온도 130)
    - 온도 조절은 조절판내에 상하로 움직이는 화살표로 조절된다.
    4. 음악을 선택한다. (권장되는 volume 은 8)
    - 음악 선택이나 volume조절은 조절판내에 상하로 움직이는 화살표로 조절한다.

    B. 부분 마사지 (세라젬 세미자동 모드에서 중점관리) 사용법 (18분간 지속, 목, 배, 허리등)

    1. 아래 온열기를 원하는 부위로 수동키를 사용하여 옮긴다.
    -목을 마사지하려면 조절판의 왼쪽편의 인체 그림에서 위에서 3번째 지점까지 이동 시킨다. 이때 강도 레벨은 6이 권장된다.
    - 배의 경우도 강도 레벨 6를 사용한다.
    - 허리의 경우는 조절판의 왼쪽편의 인체 그림에서 아래에서 두번째 지점까지 이동시킨다. 낮은 레벨 (1 이나 2)을 사용할것이 권장된다
    2. 세미자동 키를 누른다. 이때 조절판의 제일 위의 모드그림이 상하로 움직이는 화살 표를 보여준다.

    C. 눈, 코, 잇몸, 목 또는 전립선 (요실금)의 관리
    1. 소형온열기로 교체한다. (흠을 이용하여 부드렵게 교체된다.)
    2. 가능하면 면, 또는 휴지로 접촉피부를 보호한다.
    2. 조절판의 온도가 130이상이거나 15분 이상일때에는 자국이 남으므로 조심한다.

  • 세라젬 V3모델은 어떻게 다른가?

    세라젬 V3모델은 어떻게 다른가?

    목 디스크, 어깨 통증 , 팔 저림, 다리저림, 허리통증, 좌골신경통, 고혈압, 당뇨, 소화불량, 변비, 편두통, 불면증때문에 고생하십니까? 그러시다면 저희 무료 체험관에서 세라젬을 체험해 보십시요. 세라젬은 "고통과 스트레스를 제어" 하는 효능으로 FDA에서 인증된 510K 의료기구로서 74개 국가에서 이백만대 이상이 판매되었습니다.

    세라젬은 침, 뜸, 마사지, 카이로 프렉터, 원적외선의 5가지 효능을 가진 의료장비입니다. 원적외선은 신체 내부 온도를 상승시키며 염증을 치료하며 혈액순환의 촉진을 돕습니다.현재 조산아를 위한 인큐베이터와 염증을 치료하는 의료기구등에 사용되고 있습니다. 원적외선은 몸의 혈점을 통하여 뼈속까지 5인치나 투과하며 체내의 세포를 자극합니다. 세라젬은 등뼈 사이 간격을 조금씩 벌려 뼈와 연골사이를 부드럽게하며 결과적으로 목과 허리의 통증을 치료합니다. 또한 혈점을 통하여 핼액의 원활한 순환을 돕는 한의학적인 효과도 있습니다.

    세라젬 V3모델은 인공지능을 이용하여 각 개인별로 맞춤형 치료가 가능합니다. 또한 강도는 6단계로 조절할 수 있으며12개의 기능이 있습니다. 이 기능들은 각 개인의 필요에 따라 혈압, 당뇨, 소화불량, 변비, 편두통, 불면증, 우울증, 기억력 감퇴등의 문제를 해결하게끔 되어 있습니다. 목, 허리, 배등 특별한 부위에 대한 부분치료방법도 있습니다. 10개의 선정된 클래식 음악뿐만 아니라 본인이 듣고 싶은 음악을 내장된 사운드 카드와 스피커를 통해 들을 수 있습니다.

    명상 음악을 들으며 펀안히 주무시는 동안 카이로프렉터가 척추를 이완시켜 주고 한의사는 원적외선으로 침과 뜸을 떠주며 지압사가 등을 마사지해주는 것을 상상해보십시요. 세라젬은 척추 교정과 뜸과 마사지로 온 가족이 나날이 건강해지는 것을 도와드립니다.

    세라젬 플러튼 센터 세라젬 어바인 센터
    6771 Beach Blvd #E 18017 Sky Park Circle #C
    Buena Park, CA 90621 Irvine, CA 92614
    Open Hour: Mon-Sat.: 10AM to 6PM Open Hour: Tue-Sat.: 11AM to 6PM
    Tue: Closed Mon: Closed
    Sun: Noon to 5PM (Sun) Sun: Noon to 5PM (Sun)

  • 我们现在于我们的2个喜乐健(Ceragem)中心提供服务!





    1. 针灸疗法


    2. 远红外线


    3. 脊椎推拿拉伸疗法


    4. 按摩




    模式 作用 持续时间
    标准 更好的新陈代谢 36 分钟
    1 器官平衡 36 分钟
    2 无针灸式按摩 18 分钟
    3 消化能力 36 分钟
    4 血液循环 36 分钟
    5 更好的免疫力 36 分钟
    6 更多能量 36 分钟
    7 精神的集中 36 分钟
    8 更好的睡眠 36 分钟
    9 身体瘦身 36 分钟

  • 我们欢迎您来到我们的喜乐健(Ceragem)中心

    喜乐健(Ceragem)Master V3 - 可享受18个月内无利息筹资 - 请联系我们获取更多详细信息。

    从5月1日到5月31日的母亲节促销活动-只要购买喜乐健(Ceragem)Master V3就能免费获赠Ceratonic Mat S1(零售价格700美元)

    喜乐健(Ceragem)是一套获得了美国食品药物管理局(FDA)批准的专门用于缓解压力和促进血液循环的二级510K医疗设备。我们销售喜乐健(Ceragem)Master V3设备,这是最新研发的新产品,并且我们还在布埃纳帕克和加利福尼亚州尔湾市运营着两个服务中心。
    喜乐健(Ceragem)Master V3配备了人工智能。它能够扫描人们的脊椎进而制定出专门的治疗方案。它拥有六种不同的强度水平、10套不同的全脊椎治疗调理方案以及专门针对指定位置的手动操作方案。这就好像有几位专门的脊椎推拿治疗者,针灸师和按摩师同时一起招待你一样。



  • 喜乐健(Ceragem)康复中心







    布埃纳帕克中心:加利福利亚州,90621,布埃纳帕克,海滩大道6771,E座, (714)752-6114

  • ¡Le damos la bienvenida a nuestro centro Ceragem!

    ¡Le damos la bienvenida a nuestro centro Ceragem!

    Ceragem es un dispositivo médico 510K clase II aprobado por la FDA para aliviar el estrés y mejorar la circulación sanguínea. Basándose en las creencias de la medicina oriental de que nuestro cuerpo se trata mejor completamente con el equilibrio, Ceragem usa acupuntura, estiramiento quiropráctico, métodos de masaje y utiliza rayos infrarrojos lejanos (FIR en inglés) para sanar nuestro cuerpo.

    1. Acupuntura

    La acupuntura se basa en la teoría de que hay 365 puntos en nuestro cuerpo, todos están relacionados con determinadas partes y órganos del cuerpo. La zona más concentrada de los puntos de acupuntura es la columna donde hay 96. Mientras que un acupunturista siente su cuerpo para encontrar los puntos y pone una pequeña aguja para activar ciertas partes, Ceragem usa chips de computadora para leer su columna. Basándose en la longitud y curvatura de su columna, la computadora calculará sus puntos de acupuntura. Todo el mundo recibe un tratamiento personalizado ya que ninguna persona es igual a la otra. Hay 10 modos diferentes para un masaje de columna completo. Basándose en el modo que usted elija, El rodillo interno moverán y detendrán en cada punto de acupuntura programado y dispararán rayos infrarrojos lejanos a los puntos durante 1 minuto y medio.

    2. Rayos infrarrojos lejanos

    Los rayos infrarrojos lejanos también se conocen como “la luz de la vida” porque se producen cuando las piedras y la tierra se calientan. Ceragem aprovecha esa potencia y puede usarla para combatir la inflamación. Los rayos infrarrojos lejanos son ampliamente usados en tratamientos alternativos. Ceragem usa jade para producir los rayos. Estos rayos infrarrojos lejanos entran profundo en nuestro cuerpo, hasta unos 12 centímetros. Una vez adentro, vibran en nuestras células y después activan millones de mitocondrias, la “fuente de energía”, las cuales trabajan para aumentar su temperatura corporal central. Las investigaciones muestran que nuestro sistema inmunológico es potenciado hasta cinco veces cuando nuestra temperatura corporal central aumenta 1 grado Celsius (casi 2 grados Fahrenheit), Los rayos expanden los vasos sanguíneos y aceleran su circulación sanguínea hasta 1½ veces más rápido. Esta rápida circulación sanguínea ayuda a reducir los niveles de dolor.

    3. Estiramiento quiropráctico

    Hay una razón por la que se acuesta sobre La, Ceragem sin ninguna almohada. Cuando se recueste, Ceragem elevará su espalda y estirará su columna tal como lo haría un quiropráctico. Hay seis niveles de intensidad diferentes que puede elegir dependiendo de su flexibilidad. Incorporado con rayos infrarrojos lejanos, el estiramiento se realiza de manera más efectiva. Un uso continuo del Ceragem le ayudará a recuperar su altura perdida hasta en 2 centímetros.

    4. Masaje
    El rodillo interno de jade calentado se mueve a lo largo de su columna y se empuja a sí misma, lo cual tiene el mismo efecto de un masaje manual ya que usted la empuja hacia abajo con todo el peso de su cuerpo. El método de masaje relajará sus músculos.

    Las personas con dolor de cuello, dolor lumbar o ciática informan haber notado la diferencia de inmediato antes y después del tratamiento. Es como si un quiropráctico, un acupunturista y un masajista le tratasen simultáneamente.

    Una sesión se compone de 36 minutos (toda la columna) y 18 minutos de tratamientos para el cuello, la zona lumbar o la zona del estómago.


    El dolor ya no es dolor cuando queda en el pasado

    ¿Tiene dolor crónico de espalda?
    ¿Siente dolor en su cuello?
    ¿Tiene dolor de cabeza?
    ¿Se siente cansado todo el tiempo?
    ¿Se enferma con facilidad?
    ¿Tiene una mala postura?

    Si respondió sí a cualquiera de estas preguntas, pruebe un Ceragem. Le sorprenderán los resultados. Ceragem es un dispositivo 510K aprobado por la FDA para aliviar el dolor y reducir el estrés y se han vendido más de 2,000,000 en más de 74 países.

    Ceragem es un dispositivo médico de rayos infrarrojos lejanos que hace acupuntura, moxibustión, masajes y práctica quiropráctica simultáneamente. Los rayos infrarrojos lejanos se usan ampliamente en tratamientos alternativos para aumentar la temperatura corporal central, combatir la inflamación y promover la circulación sanguínea. Las investigaciones muestran que nuestro sistema inmune se potencia hasta cinco veces cuando nuestra temperatura corporal central aumenta 2 grados. También se usa en varios dispositivos médicos incluyendo incubadoras.

    Cuando Ceragem dispara rayos infrarrojos lejanos en los puntos de acupuntura, los rayos penetran el cuerpo hasta 12 centímetros, vibran y estimulan las células. Esto estimula la circulación mediante los puntos de acupuntura e induce un flujo sanguíneo más fluido. Se ha afirmado que la moxibustión es especialmente efectiva en el tratamiento de problemas crónicos como “condiciones deficientes” (debilidad).

    Al elevar la columna, Ceragem estira y ensancha el espacio en disco poco a poco. Un uso continuo aliviará el dolor de espalda y cuello. Se cree que el 80% de nuestras enfermedades provienen de una postura incorrecta de la columna, de una columna deformada y de discos comprimidos. El tratamiento de la columna ayudará a aliviar dolores en el cuello, la zona lumbar y la ciática.

    El modelo más moderno de Ceragem está equipado con inteligencia artificial. Escanea la columna y personaliza el tratamiento. Hay seis niveles de intensidad diferentes y 10 programas para tratamientos de toda la columna así como también funcionamiento manual para zonas específicas. Es como si tuviera un quiropráctico, un masajista y un acupunturista en casa para servirle siempre.

    Centro Irvine: 18017 Sky Park Circle, Suite C, Irvine, CA 92614 (949)536-5744
    Centro Buena Park: 6771 Beach Blvd, Suite E, Buena Park, CA 90621 (714)752-6114

  • What is Ceragem?

    Do you have a chronic back pain?
    Do you feel pain in your neck?
    Do you have a headache?
    Do you feel tired all the time?
    Do you get sick easily?
    Do you have a bad posture?

    If you answered yes to any of them, try a Ceragem. You will feel amazed at the result. Ceragem is 510K approved by FDA for pain and stress relief and sold more than 2,000,000 in over 74 countries.

    Ceragem is a far infrared ray medical device that does acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and chiropractic practice simultaneously. Far-infrared ray (FIR) is used widely in alternative treatments to raise the core body temperature, fight inflammation and expedite blood circulation. A research shows that our immune system is boosted by five times when our core body temperature goes up by 2 degrees. It is also used in various medical devices including an incubator.

    When Ceragem shoots far infrared ray into acupuncture points, far infrared ray penetrates body up to five inches, vibrates and stimulates cells. It stimulates circulation through the acupuncture points and induces a smoother flow of blood. It is claimed that the moxibustion is especially effective in the treatment of chronic problems like "deficient conditions" (weakness).

    By lifting up the spine, Ceragem stretches and widens disk space little by little. A continuous use will relieve the back and neck pain. It is believed that 80% of our diseases come from the spine- wrong posture, deformed spine and compressed disks. The treatment of spine will help relieve pains in neck, lower back and sciatica.

    The latest model Ceragem scans one's spine and customizes the treatment. There are six different intensity levels and 10 programs for full spine treatments as well as manual operation for specific areas. It is as if you have a chiropractor, a massager and an acupuncturist at home always in service for you.

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